If you believe you are guilty never throw yourself on the mercy of the court. The court does not have mercy. An attorney can help you negotiate whether to reduce the number of charges, the amount of fines, the sentencing, or community service versus jail time. The attorney can work to get the information from the prosecutor so that you can make the best decision.

The attorney has the capability to look at the court’s computer system. The court’s computer system has what the charges are, which judge has been assigned to the case, which court to appear in, and who the prosecutor will be. This gives the attorney a good idea in knowing where the case is headed. The attorney is often familiar with both the judge and the prosecutor from previous cases and should be able to better negotiate.

Depending on the charge, counseling may benefit to a reduced punishment. Showing how treatment or counseling has benefited the person can be a way to settle the case or negotiate a reduced sentence. Never throw yourself on the mercy of the court for a poor outcome. Get an attorney.


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