At least 19 dead in Tennessee tornadoes

At least 19 people have died across Tennessee after the overnight storms, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency confirms to CNN.

Here’s the county breakdown:

  • 14 deaths in Putnam county
  • 2 deaths in Wilson county
  • 2 deaths in Davidson county
  • 1 death in Benton county

NASHVILLE â€” Tornadoes killed at least 19 people in Tennessee as violent storms roared through the state late Monday and early Tuesday morning, part of a sprawling system that threatened more severe weather Tuesday all the way from Texas to North Carolina.

A powerful and deadly storm moving through Middle Tennessee spawned a tornado that touched down in Nashville early Tuesday morning, cutting a swath of destruction that stretched through the city for miles.

Earlier, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee had said that nine people that died in the storms, “a number of people” are missing and many are injured in a news conference Tuesday morning.

The governor did not provide specific counts on injured or unaccounted-for individuals, but noted that 30 rescue workers have suffered injuries.

“It is heartbreaking,” Lee said. â€œWe have had loss of life all across the state. Four different counties, as of this morning, had confirmed fatalities.”

Nineteen people are dead following a series of tornadoes across middle Tennessee, according to Tennessee Emergency Management Agency. Officials also confirmed Tuesday morning that 156 people were transported to the hospital, and 50 buildings across the state were destroyed by the storm

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