The story of Zariah Donovan will simply leave you scratching your head, which certainly has left many of our readers nationwide.

Nationwide Children's Hospital steps up and gives a Local Utah Baby the chance of 96% success from O% where it was suggested to give up?

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Father's Day Video from Shawn Donovan * The Story of Zariah Donovan's fight for life. 

Throughout our 9 month journey, we have been told countless times that all medical measures are being utilized and Zariah is not going to make it, but Zariah finds a way to pull through!  We are now being asked to consider how we want Zariah to pass.  Some of the medical team has lost hope and want us to give up on our Zariah.  What the medical team fails to remember is that they told us from the beginning that this was going to be a roller coaster.  That there would be 1 step forward and 3 steps back.  That with every illness, infection, or reflux Zariah’s lung would be set back and need more time to recover.  With the help of the medical team, Zariah has battled the pneumonias, sepsis, and the collapsed lung. With all these insults to injury, it is no surprise that her recovery has been setback.  So why are we being asked to loose hope now!?  Zariah has not had any brain bleeds or necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).  She reversed the Retinopathy of Prematurity and visually tracks people and objects.  Zariah has no signs of hearing loss.  In fact, she is very sensitive to the sounds around her.  She recognizes mommy and daddy!  She even recognizes all her primary nurses!  The providers have forgotten that even after several bouts of pneumonia and sepsis, Zariah bounced back!  She improved to a point where she no longer needed breaths from the ventilator.  She was breathing, with need of some oxygen, on her own!  The providers have forgotten that even after her lung collapsed, she was able to take some of her own breaths!  The providers have stated the new lung tissue can continue to grow up to age 8.  With this information, it seems silly to give up now!

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