As you drive south on I-15 around the point of the mountain near Lehi Utah you notice from the freeway some carved heads on what appears

to be similar to Mount Rushmore it quickly gets your attention although access to the Seven Peaks resort is very limited each time you drive by you tend to be amused by the carvings and what the park might be like.

After driving by for several months we decided to go explore further what this park might have to offer.

Much to our surprise the park was clean the people were friendly and the lines were short.

It was very affordable and also if you choose to purchase a pass to the park it is also good at the Provo Seven Peaks water park.

Compared to larger amusement parks that you stand in a hot line forever just to experience 1 ride at 3 times the cost we would say that the Seven Peaks Fun Center in Lehi is a very good choice for you and your family and is designed for smaller children.

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To learn more about the Seven Peaks Resort in Lehi Utah Click Here.



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