juvenile case

LOGAN — A judge could issue a decision Monday on whether a teenage boy accused of taking part in the shooting of a 14-year-old girl will stand trial in adult court or remain in the juvenile court system.

At the end of last week’s two-day retention hearing for the accused accomplice in the shooting of Deserae Turner, 1st District Juvenile Judge Angela Fonnesbeck said she wouldn’t render a decision until Monday.

Fonnesbeck said she knew families on both sides were anxious for a decision, but a hasty determination would be a disservice to the teenage defendant.

Prosecutors asked her to send the teen to the adult court system on charges of attempting to kill Turner, claiming the plot was his idea from the beginning.

“He’s the one who hatched the plan,” Cache County Attorney James Swink said. “It was his idea.”

The teen is charged alongside his friend of conspiring to lure Turner to a remote spot on a dry canal after school in February, saying he would give the other boy a signal when it was time to kill the girl.

The alleged gunman, who faces a similar hearing Monday, told police he became annoyed by Deserae’s frequent Snapchat messages, leading his friend to suggest they get rid of her.

Deserae survived the shooting, but her mother testified that permanent damage to her brain and body has left her needing the constant supervision and a lifetime of treatment.

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