1. Lane is forecast to move dangerously close to the main Hawaiian Islands as a hurricane tomorrow through Saturday, potentially bringing damaging winds and life-threatening flash flooding from heavy rainfall. As Lane will be slow-moving as it nears the islands, large and damaging surf can be expected along exposed

2. As Lane approaches the islands from the southeast, initial impacts will be felt on the Big Island and Maui County, where a Hurricane Warning is in effect. Impacts on Kauai County and Oahu are also possible, and a Hurricane Watch is in effect there.

3. Do not focus on the exact forecast track for Lane, as life-threatening weather conditions extend well away from the center of the hurricane, and significant impacts could be felt on any of the islands.

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Over a million people in Hawaii are already seeing the first signs of Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 cyclone that could become the first major hurricane to make landfall there in 26 years.

The storm is moving closer to the Hawaiian islands with sustained winds of 145 mph and forecasters say it’s “on course to pass very close” to the islands or make landfall from Thursday through Friday. It could be so devastating that authorities are urging residents to set aside two weeks worth of food and water.
“Be prepared to shelter in place with 14 days of food supplies and water and any other necessities,” Hawaii Gov. David Ige said at a press conference Wednesday.



Hurricane Hawaii Aftermath * Hurricane Lane * Hurricane Lane Damage * BIg Island Damage from Hurricane

HURRICANE Lane has pummelled Hawaii in recent hours causing severe flooding across Big Island, Maui and Oahu – here are the latest pictures of the damage caused by the torrential rainfall. … Lane was downgraded to a tropical storm south of Oahu on Friday but 70mph winds are still at a destructive level.

Hurricane Hawaii Aftermath * Hurricane Lane * Hurricane Lane Damage * BIg Island Damage from Hurricane