Great White Shark Cage Accident * Video * Shark Cage Video

The poster of the video explains that the shark was not trying to enter the cage, but rather went for the tuna on the rope and was temporarily blinded, which happens to sharks when they attack. Sharks also cannot swim backward, so when it lunged, it was blind and hit the cage and had nowhere to go but forward.

Watching the shark breach the cage and ultimately pop out the top is amazing on its own, but then a diver emerges from the breached cage unscathed. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I realized there was a diver in there. Apparently, the experienced diver escaped through the bottom of the cage, where two other great white sharks were hanging out, and he waited until the great white in the cage was able to escape. Then he calmly swam back up and got on the boat.

credit ksl