Well it is now apparent the the Obama admin could not free Josh Holt, although the folks at he 24-7 Help Group have great faith that the Trump Administration will get it done.

If there is anyone that has the negation skills to get it done Donald Trump has exactly what it takes to accomplish this task.

For almost a year, Joshua Holt, a 25-year-old former Mormon missionary from Utah, has been languishing in a Caracas prison hoping to have his day in court.

He was arrested on June 30, 2016, on charges of hiding two automatic rifles and a hand grenade at the home he was sharing with his new bride, Thamara Caleño, and her children. Holt’s lawyers and family say he’s innocent. And an eyewitness to his arrest says he was framed — that the weapons, which are illegal to possess in Venezuela, were planted by police.

“We’re convinced that Josh and Thamara are innocent,” said his lawyer, Carlos Gómez. “And if we go before an impartial court, we’re sure they will be released.”

But in Venezuela’s polarized and chaotic legal system, it’s unclear when Holt will get the chance to defend himself. The courtroom his case has been assigned to hasn’t had a judge since December, so he’s never had his second pretrial hearing. In addition, waves of anti-government protests that have left almost 70 dead have paralyzed the administration amid escalating violence.

Holt’s lawyers say he’s being treated well in the Helicoide — a detention facility in Caracas usually reserved for people facing political crimes. But Josh’s family and others say his health and psyche are deteriorating amid the doubt and prolonged detention.

“He’s very depressed and angry,” his mother, Laurie Holt, said in a telephone interview this week from Riverton, Utah. “He has no hope whatsoever that he will ever be free from there.”

In letters that Josh sends through his Venezuelan mother-in-law, he has told his family to “move on” and “forget about him.” His mother said he’s shed more than 50 pounds and lost much of his hair due to the stress and poor food.

Credit MIami Herald

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