The 247 Help Group can connect you with a Cedar City Bail Bond company to get your friend or family member out of the Iron County Jail.

Some of our affiliate Cedar City Bail Bondsman offer the following:

  • Payment Plans
  • O% Down OAC
  • Out of State Cosigners
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Call 801-208-9514 to be connected with a after hours bail bond company for Cedar City Utah.

Utah DUI laws are strict and the penalties for a DUI can be severe

  • Possible jail sentence
  • License suspension
  • Fines
  • Felony Conviction and Prison Sentence (for repeat offenders)

You need an aggressive defense for any DUI charge.

Getting the right Utah Dui Lawyer involved immediately is imperative to maximize your chances of success. By taking immediate action, The 247 Help Group can connect you with the right DUI Lawyer ensure that your rights are protected and assist you in making the right decisions.

Call the 247 Help Group 24hrs a day at 801-208-9514.

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