See how Shawn Donovan takes on the fight for Life against all Odds.

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Shawn Donovan has been by his daughter at the Primary Children’s NICU Unit since September 2015.

We had the opportunity to speak with Shawn and the challenges and hurdles he and his daughter have had to face would be overwhelming to most.

The care at such a level is critical, even something such as the tube becoming detached from arm movement of his daughter which can be so critical to reattach as every minute goes by.

As we learned in a brief conversation with Shawn the value of life is so precious as most of us count the toes and fingers on our babies when they’re born and think they are ok.

Each day Shawn wakes up consists on a 14 to 16 hour day by his daughter’s side as he has noticed even the energy for the workers is critical to his daughters progression.

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