Injuries Can Cause Stress on Your Bills

Injured or stressed on how you are going to pay that stack of bills piling up on your counter or table top? Let the 247 Help Group help get rid of the burden and get you back on your feet moving forward with your life.We know what it’s like to have an unexpected mishap occur in your life. Something that we never saw happening and it did. It sets you back, it stresses you out, you have bills to pay, or a family to feed, on top of ambulance and hospital fees to pay. How do you make it work? Bills need to be paid before they go to collections. Trust us we’ve been there. That’s why we have set out to help people just like us have a better experience in taking care of what matters most. All the while not worrying about how they’re going to make ends meet. We provide pre-settlement funding, post-settlement funding, and many more options and opportunities to help you get the ball rolling again. Let 247 Help Group connect you with a funding agent to make all the difference in your life during these hard times.

Here at 247 Help Group, we are honored to help our clients transition and be able to navigate through major setbacks in their lives that an accident or Injury can cause.
Let us help you in the most efficient and timely manner, so you can get back to what’s important in your life. Don’t hesitate to call … or apply online. We are here for you!
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